Sip Your Way to … Asthma?

Come on…

The American Beverage Association writes:

Perhaps you’ve read something in the last week or so that suggests drinking soda will give you asthma. We know … it was an odd one for us to read, too. But a journal recently published a telephone survey of less than 17,000 adults from South Australia which alleges an association between drinking soft drinks and asthma and lung disease. As we usually like to do, we’re sharing a few points to help you make a more informed opinion on this alleged association:

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (commonly known as COPD) are not caused by drinking soda and other sweetened beverages.

That’s not just our opinion. The authors of the survey themselves note that “causal relationships could not be established.” After all, this was a cross-sectional study which simply can’t prove cause and effect.

Interestingly, the findings of the survey show no association between soft drink consumption and asthma or COPD among non-smokers (considering that smoking is a known risk factor for asthma and lung disease.)

So when you read about the latest “study of the day,” try to remember that real science is undermined when we focus on implausible associations between two things, such as soft drinks and lung disease. And if you want to get the facts on lung disease, there’s a wealth of information available on the websites of The Mayo Clinic and the American Lung Association.

Read it at the ABA web site.

5 thoughts on “Sip Your Way to … Asthma?”

  1. I saw a study a few days ago that revealed 100% of people who consume carbonated beverages die. I am not sure if it was connected to global warming, but I think they said something about tree rings!

  2. Asthma is an inflammatory disease. It is the result of soft-tissue inflammation. The treatments rely in anti-inflammatories. The most potent anti-inflammatory treatments involve either stimulating the body’s own anti-inflammatory (adrenalin) or elevating local temperature (fever – a natural strategy of the body for dealing with infections and the irritating chemical wastes they produce). These stimulate circulation through vasodilation.
    NSAIDs and other pharmaceutical strategies are less effective.
    Running a mile (enough to stimulate endorphins such as adrenalin, and to elevate core body temperature) is far better. Regular repetition (daily) prevents asthmatic reactions to whatever mild irrritants have been *inhaled*, and improves general cardiovascular health.
    What is most appalling here is that a ‘journal’ would publish the results of a telephone survey of the general public opinion as a medical factoid. Unfortunately the offending publication has not been identified.

  3. It makes sense:
    CO2 causes global warming; global warming causes asthma; soda has CO2
    Therefore: soda causes asthma!

  4. ‘And if you want to get the facts on lung disease, there’s a wealth of information available on the website … American Lung Association.’ Really?

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