Saunders: Global warming and earthly lies

The San Francisco Chronicle‘s Debra Saunders does Peter Gleick.

Saunders writes:

…The folks at the Heartland are particularly indignant about Gleick’s vaunted rationale – that he was “frustrated” at skeptics’ efforts to “prevent this debate” – because Heartland invited Gleick to a debate. Gleick declined the offer.

He isn’t talking to the media. A representative told me that Gleick would only speak to Heartland if the organization released the names of anonymous donors. That tells me Gleick doesn’t really want a debate; he wants a monologue.

Indeed, in 2001, Gleick told U.S. News and World Report, “The debate is over.”

This is how the global-warming community operates. Activists accuse skeptics of being anti-science and dishonest under the apparent belief that they are honest and analytical. They’re filled with their integrity until they get frustrated. They say that they only want to debate, except the debate is over. Then they wonder why skeptics don’t believe them.

Read the entire commentary.

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