Romney: Obama Ignores Nation’s Coal, Gas Resources

“We frankly have to have carbon-based energy, as well as our renewable resources. And this president just has not gotten the job done.”

NewsMax reports:

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says President Barack Obama’s concentration on alternative energy has neglected the plentiful resources available within the United States and has led to skyrocketing prices at the pump. Romney also told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday the Obama administration has ignored the basic fact the nation has to have carbon-based energy to avoid the “whipsaws” of foreign oil cartels.

“This president has only a love for solar and wind — and we all like solar and wind — but they’re just not going to get our cars to run and they don’t begin to provide the energy America needs. He’s held off on deep sea oil drilling — he’s held off on gas and resources in this country, national gas — he’s made it very hard to mine for coal or to use coal,” Romney said. “It’s time to have an energy policy that takes advantage of our energy resources, including by the way, bringing in a pipeline from Canada — the Keystone Pipeline. He failed about the only no-brainer I can think that anybody could pass but him…

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One thought on “Romney: Obama Ignores Nation’s Coal, Gas Resources”

  1. Has Romney got the message? Renewable energy sources are not economical and we should stop all tax dollars from being wasted on them. Solar and wind only last for 20-25 years so building these is only producing future garbage. Have the thousands of wind towers West of Palm Springs,CA off I-10 that are not functioning been torn down yet?

    This is the problem with Romney as a candidate. He appears to be trying to satisfy the wants of every voter. He won’t say anything bad about impractical energy policies. So what will he do as president. Does he still believe in CAGW as said in the past?

    We need a president with common sense.

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