Romm: ‘Revkin has zero credibility…’

Deniergate is turning out to be more fun than Al Gore’s Massage-gate..

Angry über-alarmist blogger Joe Romm is enraged at fellow alarmist Andrew Revkin for condemning Peter Gleick as he screeds:

Revkin has ZERO credibility in making these attacks. Zero…

Again, Revkin has zero credibility in his statements about Gleick and he should retract them.

Romm said it three times so it must be true.

Read “Crossing the Line as Civilization Implodes: Heartland Institute, Peter Gleick and Andrew Revkin.”

4 thoughts on “Romm: ‘Revkin has zero credibility…’”

  1. Joe, whose literacy is not his strong point, says in his spit-flecked post:

    “…the cost of action (on AGW) is incredibly low”.

    Incredibly is right, Joe, but I suspect that is not what you meant.

  2. Hear Hear. I’ve felt this exact same way about Revkin on many occasions. Most of the time after Andy has blocked a stream of my comments (even the ones that didn’t use four letter words, questioning his parentage).

    All I can say is rock on Joe! Keep fighting the good fight. For the children! Or the future! or the cause! Or whatever.

    New York Times is the enemy. Yay!

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