Republican governors try to save wind tax credit

What are they doing for fossil fuels?

Politico reports,

Wind energy advocates are leaning on a pair of Midwestern GOP governors in a Hail Mary bid to get their treasured tax breaks included in conference negotiations on the must-pass payroll tax extension bill.

But key Republican lawmakers still aren’t sold on the idea.

Leading the lobbying campaign are Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, who sent letters Wednesday to all 20 members of the House-Senate panel to urge an extension of the production tax credit that expires at the end of the year…

Read Steve Milloy’s Washington Times commentary “Clean Energy Hostages.”

3 thoughts on “Republican governors try to save wind tax credit”

  1. We have to pray for the souls of those in this fraud. Dante makes it clear in The Inferno that the lower, most painful parts of Hell are reserved for those who willingly participate in what he describes as “complex frauds”. Few frauds are as complex as those associated with Global Freezing/Warming Fraud.

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