Report: Canadians oppose fracking, study finds

Who commissioned the poll?

The Ottawa Citizen reports,

The majority of Canadians oppose hydraulic fracturing – better known as “fracking” – and would support a moratorium on the natural gas extraction method, according to a new poll.

The Environics Research poll, commissioned by the Council of Canadians, found that 62 per cent of the Canadians polled supported a moratorium on all fracking for natural gas until all federal environmental reviews are complete…

The poll was commissioned by the anti-fracking Council of Canadians — a key fact omitted from the Ottawa Citizen report.

Read the entire report.

3 thoughts on “Report: Canadians oppose fracking, study finds”

  1. Well, I actually don’t blame them. When I build a campfire, I oppose the smoke it releases, and do my best to avoid that. However, that doesn’t keep me from building the fire so I can cook, keep warm and for entertainment purposes among other things. It is important that the benefits of any activity are properly presented and weighed as well as the rotten aspects whenever deciding whether to participate in the activity, whether it is society or individual decision making.

  2. Fracking is not just a concern of the Council of Canadians, it would appear that this is their *only* concern:
    This reduces the Ottowa Citizen to a propaganda machine commercially available to the highest bidder – a practitioner of journalistic prostitution.
    An honest house organ would not sully its pages with irrelevant trivia such as sports or obituaries, but a true news outlet would at least look at the credentials of those who write their copy. This makes them “whore media.”

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