Report: Canadian PM wants energy independence — from the U.S.

Good job, Barack.

Climatewire reports:

Calling Canada “an emerging energy superpower,” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged Friday to take his energy relationship with China to “the next level.”

In a speech to business officials in Guangzhou as part of a four-day tour of the Asian nation, Harper said he was committed to ensuring that Canada has the necessary infrastructure in place to move its energy resources overseas. He also reiterated that he wants to move the country’s energy industry away from dependence on the United States.

“Currently, 99 percent of Canada’s energy exports go to one country — the United States,” said Harper. “And it is increasingly clear that Canada’s commercial interests are best served through diversification of our energy markets”…
arper did not mention Keystone XL by name, but said Canada would “uphold our responsibility to put the interests of Canadians ahead of foreign money and influence that seek to obstruct development in Canada in favor of energy imported from other, less stable parts of the world”…

3 thoughts on “Report: Canadian PM wants energy independence — from the U.S.”

  1. Gamecock: you’re right, Nobama’s shown we ARE an un-reliable partner–un-reliable not only to others but to ourselves, where Our EPA lights out after USA industry like Taras Bulba against Poles. Both nations will be better-off, going it alone. G-d Bless us, BOTH,–separately.

  2. I’m delighted! We can’t have a North-American(–which you & I don’t want/need) Union with Canada if Canada won’t “play-ball”, and I think that’s GREAT that it no longer wants to. Now, ALL US energy could come from OUR tar sands, deep land drilling & Mining and coastal-drilling–WE, ALSO, are “Oil/Energy-rich”,and can be an OPEC nation, if Nobama ONLY allowed his EPA-blugeon against business, to ALLOW that independence, which he won’t because that might reduce your dependence on guys like him. Good riddence, Harper, and give-back all those auto-plants, too, while you’re at it.

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