RealPsychopathy from RealClimate

Take a ride to the center of the alarmist mind.

In “Free speech and academic freedom” Rasmus Benestad writes at RealClimate:

… If the people who threat and harass climate scientists were to have their way, I fear we would be heading for a world resembling the other side of the iron curtain of 1989…

This is very rich coming from a RealClimate colleague of Michael Mann, who as we learned from Climategate 1.0, tried silencing anyone whose views he disapproved.

As reported by the Commonwealth Foundation in the wake of Climategate 1.0:

[Mann’s] retaliation takes several forms: personal degradation of his challengers to colleagues and the media, impugning their motives, and attempting to close off the avenues of peer-review publication (i.e., association with efforts to overturn the journal editor or editors involved in overseeing certain publications critical of Dr. Mann’s work).

The climate alarmist movement is apparently as personality-disordered as its members, trying every psychopathic trick in the book to prevail over the skeptics.

Having failed to intimidate, shout down, and malign skeptics into silence and oblivion, the alarmist are now trying to play the pity card — i.e., “the big bad skeptics are intimidating, shouting down and maligning us… boo-hoo.” Their first tactics backfired; now they think projection of them will work.

It’s too bad the National Science Foundation can’t grant them all consciences instead of taxpayer money.


4 thoughts on “RealPsychopathy from RealClimate”

  1. When I wuz a sprout “green” meant you were new at what you were doing and prone to make mistakes. Nothing has changed since that time. I am still wary when I hear the word “green”.

  2. junkscience is a mighty ‘n busy bunch .. this punch smacks solidly in the snout .. good work junkscience ..
    when i wuz a sprout, we used to refer to spoiled meat as “green” .. seem like these greenies got a hind quarter stuffed in they heads thas’ done turned…you can smell it on they breath…

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