Outrage in California over Republican official’s mountain lion hunt

“He’s thumbing his nose at California law.”

David Paulin writes at American Thinker:

Hunting mountain lions is illegal in California – thanks to animal-rights groups and liberal voters. So when the president of the California Fish and Game Commission wanted to go on a mountain lion hunt, he recently headed to Idaho where it’s legal to kill the big cats.

Unfortunately for Daniel W. Richards, a photo of him proudly holding a lion he bagged in Northern Idaho was published in a hunting and fishing magazine, Western Outdoor News — and it was quickly spotted by California’s animal lovers and rights activists. They flew into fits over the animal’s death and the pleasure Richards derived from hunting it down…

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12 thoughts on “Outrage in California over Republican official’s mountain lion hunt”

  1. I agree. Good posts. I’m sure you’ll include those mis-anthropes that are Globalists/enemy soldiers… in time of War.

  2. See my post. We’ve BEEN “hunting” each other(–humans) for centuries, soon to resume. We do(hunt) in the Middle East, Now, to suppress Terrorists/defend our sons, brothers, and buddies. When Millions of Red Chinese arrive here, post-strike, they WON’T be making the Hollywood Tourist Stops. You’ll get all the hunting you can stand, and More, and if you refuse to do it, –OK, –hopefully you’ll help your fellow countrymen in other ways. I don’t remember any criticisim of “Sport” hunting in the Bible,–of COURSE one might HAVE to hunt for food. I would think G-d would hate WASTE, so he allowed, but was not in favor of, say, the Extreme Buffalo hunts of the 19th Century. No one I know of (–Butchers) sell “hump-meat”–supposedly the best part of a Buffalo,–delicious, even raw. And it takes sniping-skills to “sport Hunt”. –Have to take into account wind, bullet weight, etc.–one missed shot could cause the hunt to be blown, including days/weeks of tracking. Everybody THINKS he’s a sniper, but sniping IS a National-defense skill–a wonderful thing, in wartime. A Sport-skill in Peacetime. You could pay your $7K, but even if spotted, it doesn’t mean you will hit, and bring-down(especially if running)… your animal target, that, if experienced against men, could be a man-eater/liability for humans & livestock. Every state should allow Sporters to do their thing, and at $7K a chance, there can’t be that many.

  3. In my book no animal that will kill human beings can be permitted to thrive unchecked. That includes Great White sharks, tsetse flies, anopheles mosquitoes, pumas, Bengal tigers, hippopotami, and anything else that would eat us, infect us with lethal parasites, or trample us simply because it sees us as intruders on its turf.
    They should be allowed to thrive only in captivity.
    Think of this as preemptive self-defense.

  4. Just think how many mountain lions killed or maimed californians.. This is pay back even though its in Idaho
    he has every right.. i feel like breaking out my m-14 Marine issue out and go out to almaden trails here is san jose
    and bag me one…These mountain llions should never have been introduced back into our hills.. the game department shoots them anyway. They shot a few in the last couple of years, I think its wrong to put them
    out close to cities then kill them when they attack someone…

  5. What he did in Idaho has no bearing on California Law. Jurisdiction stops at the borders.
    What he did has a strong bearing on California attitudes and psychology, where man-eating predators have more rights than their human victims.

  6. So hunting is “defensible” only if done for food?

    “Sport” hunting is the opposite of “market” hunting. Would you like market
    hunting to come back?

  7. Lion-hunting is done for primitive jollies, not for a defensible purpose of gaining food, as is deer-hunting. “Sport” hunting is an abomination before God and Sentient Men. It should be banned. Why don’t these huners get their jollies by hunting EACH OTHER! That would be fine with me!

    Virginia Beach, VA

  8. Bravo! May he hunt many animals, OTHER than but including mt. lions. The Globalists HATE ALL hunting, because if you are feeding yourself, you are denying the State’s “right” to have you fed from their stores, which at some point will be contaminated(–“accidently”, but they won’t be liable!), so you don’t continue to emit CO2. I too, haven’t Mt. Lion hunted, and for nearly $7,000.00 for the opportunity, I’m not likely to, but if it were nearly free, of course, I’d hunt them tomorrow! I was never INTERESTED in them, but with the Californica’s GREEN-Meanie-weenie’s objections, I’d now LIKE to do it tomorrow. Do you think they’d accept the idea of hunting to “improve the species”? No, I don’t think they would, but I don’t CARE. As Globalists, they are a HUGE THREAT to our way of life, and, in some cases, they ARE “apparatcheks” of the CIS,–now devolving into a Soviet-Style State and preparing, in twin with Communist China, for a NUCLEAR first-strike of the USA,–probably within less than 2 years and at the point in which they can whip-up their populace against US, like WE were whipped-up against other Dictators who no longer did our biding as they used to. Right now, we are doing OUR part of Start II, but the Russians have QUIT doing THEIR part. France & Israel combined, probably have 300 nukes between them, although they’d never “get together” to USE them, but Nobama wants US to go down to 300 warheads on OUR side,–NOT enough to deter a first strike, plus we’d have to divide them between Red Chinese and Soviet(CIS) targets(–soon, SOME of those 300’d be re-targeted to N. Korea & Iran). I assure you, gentlemen, if this “NON-HUNTING” continues between the Nuclear “haves”, we have already LOST… World War III! I wonder, if we were invaded, if the Californicons would “object” to a sniping, hunting, “defense” of this country. I think they’d object!

  9. Edward, they are so decadent they don’t know where food comes from.
    Pelosi thinks it comes from the grocery store.

  10. Even though I’m not a hunter, I almost want to get a license just to further irritate the busy bodies in California. If they had their way, we would be in caves, in the dark, eating who knows what as they don’t like anything. Can we just give California to the left and cut all the highways, and communications links and let them do what they want as long as they don’t try to leave? These folks are a bigger threat to our way of life than the Soviet Union ever was.

  11. “He’s mocking it [California law].”

    Him and millions of other Americans.

    Hunting in Idaho has nothing to do with California. California is not the
    nation. What outrages the California anti-hunters is that their ban isn’t
    universal. They are furious that the rest of the world doesn’t do what
    California does. And a California official, of all people, should realize that.

    More Cali culture to mock.

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