Osama Morano?

Climate alarmist Keith Kloor compares ClimateDepot’s Marc Morano to the Taliban.

Kloor writes,

…Technically, the U.S. is waging a counterinsurgency in Afghanistan, trying to win over the populace with a hearts & minds campaign while also taking out the hostiles. For various reasons, it’s become a rather futile effort that military analysts can explain better than me.

But here are some of the parallels with the climate war. The Taliban, like Morano, are fiercely puritanical. They are not averse to cleansing their own side. Morano has shown that in the Republican Presidential campaign, where he’s gone after GOP candidates who once were in favor of taking action on climate change. Not coincidentally, global warming has become a litmus test for Republicans in this election year.

The Taliban, like Morano, are excellent provocateurs. They don’t have the manpower to go toe to toe, but they have successfully goaded the U.S. into committing what some experts have called ”own goals.” So it is with the climate movement, whose public spokespersons tend to fan the flames that perpetuate the fighting.

Now before I go any further, let me state outright that I am not equating Marc Morano’s tactics with those of the Taliban. The latter is comprised of a brutal, extremist culture that terrorizes its own people in horrific ways. Morano merely uses excessive rhetoric and hyperbolic language to advance his aims. He runs an operation that has a political aim: To delegitimize climate science. To do that, he and his allies engage in a propaganda war that goads his opponents and smears the reputations of individuals prominently associated with the climate change cause.

His tactics, while ugly, can in no way whatsoever be compared to the actions of the Taliban. I’m merely saying that he is an insurgent who (with like-minded allies) has successfully forced the other side into a defensive crouch. The climate concerned community is fighting a battle on on his terms.

Morano-inspired fighters, like the Taliban, have also convinced themselves (or pretend to) that they are winning the war against their foes…

Read Kloor’s entire screed.

8 thoughts on “Osama Morano?”

  1. Notice that the alarmist invariably “fight” to save the world. Whomever happens to be in the way is an enemy by default. Be it lysenkoism, marxism, McCarthyism, na…. oooops almost got caught by godwin’s law.

    Socioligical very interesting, check for instance the mechanism of how to get yourself a great enemy and gather friends around you, unfortunately it is also stage one, classification, leading to ultimately genocide.


  2. We’re getting a ton of tortured analogies from the alarmist community this week, but anyway if Marano is like the Taliban does that mean that Mikey Moore considers Marano a freedom fighter?

  3. Kloor has inadvertently acknowledged that climate science is a purely political issue. Climate science has about as much to do with science as political science does. That is why they will lose in the end and deep down I think they know it.

  4. awww hell, i can’t do it .. can’t even pretend to support this climate change crap ..sorry, i don’t do so well with “counter intelligence” .. go morano. les’ draw some blood…

  5. God bless Marc Morano for everything he’s done to show the scam climate alarmist have perpetrated on the world!

  6. weeellllll, swing loooow sweet charrriooot, morano’s comin’ out uv’ hiz’ hole
    woops, swing loooow sweet charrriooot, duh eagle dun’ gobble him up whole…
    sorry ’bout that – it’s jus’ that we ain’t fallin’ for the morano line .. one thing we’ve learned from the dems is to ignore the slings ‘n go on ’bout our business .. after all, we got the stones

  7. hmmm… so the skeptics and the Republicans are actually on opposite sides on this? Or does he mean that the warmists are in a ‘defensive crouch’? Hopefully the latter, but I don’t think he means that.

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