OCRegister: Climate data chills global-warming alarmism

In 1989 the Miami Herald quoted a U.N. environment official who warned of a “10-year window of opportunity to solve” global warming, because “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.” We know how that turned out.

The Orange County Register reports:

The Earth’s temperature hasn’t increased significantly in about 15 years, which wouldn’t be big news except global warming extremists had predicted temperatures would soar during that time because of manmade greenhouse-gas emissions.

That forecast would be just another failed hypothesis, except governments around the world used the threatened overheating as an excuse to regulate, tax and subsidize in order to curb greenhouse gases and, of course, to save the Earth…

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  1. Over a century of climate science: Circa 1890s “It is impossible for a hurricane to ever form in the Carribean sea. The conditions needed to form one do not exist there.” “The science is settled” (drumroll). 1900, Galveston is destroyed by a hurricane (Galveston Flood).

    Late 1940s-early 1950s. “Rainmaking is ending all droughts and we are just a few decades away from controlling all weather.” 1954 One of the worst droughts in over 30 years. Same period the weather service installed weather reporting stations all across America and the Soviet Union did likewise. Moisture guages and recording thermometers were placed in small towns and even rural 4th class post offices. Data from these high altitude, high latitude, rural stations lowered the average land temperature. This triggered fear mongering about a coming ice age. I remember a radio program posing the possiblity of the cold climate ending the cold war as it could forced the US & USSR to pool their nuclear weapons to melt the advancing ice sheets. “The sicience is settled!”(drumroll)

    In the 70s the weather service discontinued all the smaller weather reporting stations due to budget concerns and the development of satellite information. As the thermometers on Hollywood and Vine gave higher temperature readings than Bum Grub MT, “Global warming” was born. “The science is settled!” (drumroll).

    2005. Hurricane Katrina triggered extreme fear mongering about multiple cat 5 hurricanes every year and they would only get worse. “The science is settled!” (drumroll). The past 6 years have been the quietest hurricane seasons on record for the US.

    In my lifetime I have learned four things about climate science. 1. nobody knows if climate change is occurring or not or how much. 2. It is very controversial. 3. Nobody really knows what the future holds. and 4. nobody will that they don’t.

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