Obama’s 2013 budget: A familiar tune for energy

“American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard blasted the proposal to reporters Monday morning. “Unfortunately, his 2013 budget plan returns to the well of bad ideas and backtracks on his State of the Union commitment,” Gerard said.”

Politico reports:

President Barack Obama on Monday rolled out a series of familiar proposals and goals to boost clean energy and cut incentives for oil and gas companies.

Obama’s proposal to trim $4 trillion from the debt over the next decade — while spurring investments in green energy, infrastructure and other projects — is more a campaign document than anything as he fights for reelection this year.

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s 2013 budget: A familiar tune for energy”

  1. How much damage to the US could he do in 4 years as he continues to throw good money after bad in the promotion of clean green energy ?

    The most charasmatic candidate ? – probably – the one that will lead the US out of debt to prosperity ? – probably not.

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