Obama: Use ‘algae’ as substitute for oil

“We’ve prohibited a pipeline, the safest way to transport oil, from Canada, but we’re aiding Mexico in offshore drilling, which is riskier.”

Joel Gehrke writes in the Washington Examiner:

President Obama admitted today that he does not have a “silver bullet” solution for skyrocketing gas prices, but he proposed alternative energy sources such as “a plant-like substance, algae” as a way of cutting dependence on oil by 17 percent.

“We’re making new investments in the development of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel that’s actually made from a plant-like substance, algae — you’ve got a bunch of algae out here,” Obama said at the University of Miami today. “If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing alright. Believe it or not, we could replace up to 17 percent of the oil we import for transportation with this fuel that we can grow right here in America”…

Obama affirmed the need to protect the planet by developing clean energy alternatives, but The Washington Examiner’s Michael Barone argues that he hasn’t been consistent even on that front. “We’ve prohibited a pipeline, the safest way to transport oil, from Canada, but we’re aiding Mexico in offshore drilling, which is riskier, and by a firm that lacks the experience of the U.S. firms we have been trying to prevent drilling in the same body of water,” Barone wrote yesterday. “Does this make any sense at all?”

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3 thoughts on “Obama: Use ‘algae’ as substitute for oil”

  1. Obummer forgets that biofuels produce 4 times the CO2 that petroleum fuels do and if everyone used biofuels the world would burn to a tiny cinder in 10 years time.
    /sarc off, maybe..

  2. Hmmm, again with the pipe dream alternative fuel crap. Someone needs to explain to these folks that nature has already done all the work to make organic life into fuel, it’s called petroleum, and at it’s most expensive cost it is a quarter of the cost of any so called bio-fuel.

  3. It does make some sort of sense, when you realize that Warren Buffoon phoned Nobama and TOLD HIM NOT to allow the pipline, because his railroad profits would decrease with a pipeline. Nobama’s moronic EPA could be stopped, so the gulf drilling could be closer to shore and thereby safer. Nobama IS “correct”, (I HATE TO SAY IT!), because hi-lipid algae IS a good idea, because we could grow quite a lot, and prisoners could process those fuel-derivatives into jet-fuel, and diesil, maybe gasoline, I don’t know. A nation that has water, but no oil, should grow hi-lipid algae, and then they could be providing their own fuels–at least diesil. Because of the piping and chemist-needs of an algae-fuel operation, probably the oil companies will make the stuff, and I have no problem with that. Having put this idea out there, however, I bet Nobama will NOT FUND an Algae-fuel production complex, because he’d rather have us use electricity and wind power, getting away from even the cleaner bio-diesil from algae.

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