Obama loses big donor over climate change

Obama has been all hope and no change.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

San Francisco philanthropist Susie Tompkins Buell, one of the Democratic Party’s most generous benefactors, is keeping her checkbook closed when President Obama holds high-priced California fundraisers this week.

“I want to look him in the eye and say, ‘Thank you so much’ ” for his work, said Buell, who expresses deep disappointment in the president’s leadership on environmental issues, especially climate change…

Buell and her husband, Mark Buell, have long devoted energy and money to environmental causes such as the Go Green Foundation, a San Francisco nonprofit designed to get young people involved in environmental causes. She said she is “very concerned that President Obama has not talked enough about this issue.”

“I thought that he really did understand ‘the urgency of now’ on climate change,” she said. “He has not been vocal enough … and I want to encourage him to lead me.”

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3 thoughts on “Obama loses big donor over climate change”

  1. I have long ago come to the conclusion that making money in large amounts has nothing to do with common sense or paying attention to facts outside one’s business. There are just way too many monied people with “sheeple” mentalities that get stampeded into this kind of nonsense because it’s supposedly avant garde and/or they don’t want to be left out at the cocktail parties.

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