Obama Energy Dept.: Strong growth for solar, wind and biomass

Wanna bet?

Climatewire reports:

Wind, solar and biomass projects will account for roughly one-third of all new electricity generated in the United States between 2010 and 2035, according to new estimates from the Energy Information Administration.

The surge in renewables will be especially pronounced for solar and biomass, which EIA said should see 700 percent and 400 percent growth, respectively, over the next 33 years. Wind energy generation is expected to double between 2010 and 2035, the agency said…

But see “First Solar ‘swan-diving’” and “Biomass worse than coal, group says” and “Vestas delivers worse-than-expected 2011 result.”

In addition to economic realities, underlined even more by the natural gas glut, it will also be a challenge for the renewable sector to hold onto the vital tax credits it needs.

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  1. EIA Predicts all new sources of generation to be shut down in favor of companies owned by fellow traveler cronies.

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