Nugent: The Great Keystone XL Pipeline Massacre

The move was dead giveaway of Obama’s left-wing agenda, says the Motor City Madman (with music video bonus!).

Ted Nugent writes in the Washington Times:

President Obama’s decision to put a bullet in the back of the head of the Keystone XL pipeline is all the proof you need to know that his modus operandi is to sidle up to environmental green-energy crackpots instead of creating thousands of American jobs and honestly pursuing energy independence for America…

Read Nugent’s entire commentary.

Yep, Obama’s got us in a stranglehold, baby. [Language warning]

3 thoughts on “Nugent: The Great Keystone XL Pipeline Massacre”

  1. Ted seems pretty calm on this one. Wonder if we will all be that calm when the price of fuel increases north of what we saw in 2008?

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