Motl: Fred Singer and skeptics vs deniers

Luboš Motl responds to today’s Fred Singer-column in American Thinker.

Motl writes:

Fred says that when it comes to the climate debate, the people are divided into three groups, warmistas, skeptics, and deniers, and he considers himself a skeptic. I am not sure whether he has defined the groups sharply enough in his article but my understanding is that the warmistas are the only ones who think it’s a good idea to regulate CO2 while the deniers are those who deny that CO2 absorbs infrared radiation and/or (?) similar physics facts.

What do I think about his views?

Well, first of all, I am confused by the motivation for this division of people into three boxes. Why exactly three? There are dozens of questions in which various people disagree with each other and we could divide the population into dozens or hundreds of groups if we wanted. We may need an even higher number of groups if we started to discuss about the relative importance of the Sun, cosmic rays, oceans, volcanoes etc. in climate change. Still, the most far-reaching and general question in the climate debate is whether or not there exists a scientific justification for an urgent struggle against the fossil fuels…

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2 thoughts on “Motl: Fred Singer and skeptics vs deniers”

  1. It was a very poor decision for Dr. Singer to use the term “denier.” Surely he knows the origin of the phrase and the intended insult behind it.

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