Monbiot: ‘We need to know who funds these think tank lobbyists’

Monbiot is upset that “billionaires and big business” seek to protect themselves from mob rule.

George Monbiot writes at the Guardian:

…The profits of polluting or reckless companies and banks and the vast personal fortunes of their beneficiaries are largely dependent on the regulations set by governments. This is why the “thinktanks” campaign for small government. If regulations robustly defend the public interest, the profits decline. If they are weak, the profits rise. Billionaires and big business buy influence to insulate themselves from democratic control. It seems to me that the so-called thinktanks are an important component of this public relations work…

The money wins. This is why Republicans swept up so many seats in the mid-term elections, and why the surviving Democrats were scarcely distinguishable from their rivals. It is why Obama, for all his promise, appears incapable of governing in the public interest. What can he tell the banks: “Do what I say or I won’t take your money any more”? How can he tax the billionaires when they have their hands around his throat? Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

This is plutocracy, pure and simple. The battle for democracy is now a straight fight against the billionaires and corporations reshaping politics to suit their interests. The first task of all democrats must be to demand that any group, of any complexion, seeking to effect political change should reveal its funders.

Read the entire screed.

5 thoughts on “Monbiot: ‘We need to know who funds these think tank lobbyists’”

  1. Moonbat lives in Delusiana. Logic and reasoned sensible discourse you won’t find. Instead enjoy heaping helpings of anger, resentment, and embittered bewilderment that utopia isn’t just spontaneously arising because he and the rest of the Far Left demand that IT (utopia) come into being. “Obama is the president, for ___’s sake!”

  2. The problem isn’t lobbyists. They are a normal reaction to government
    wielding power. If the government stuck to the Constitution, there’d
    be few lobbyists.

  3. In full screed this month, aren’t they? Do they know what they’re doing to themselves? Can they even help it?

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