Marcellus Shale gas-drilling company says EPA used faulty pollution data

“In the latest salvo over Marcellus Shale gas drilling in the embattled town of Dimock, a natural gas company on Tuesday alleged that federal regulators had cherry-picked old test data to distort the amount of contamination in drinking-water wells.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer continues,

… Cabot Oil & Gas Co., whose drilling was blamed for the pollution, said that the drinking-water tests the Environmental Protection Agency used to justify its Jan. 19 order to deliver fresh water supplies to four Dimock houses “do not accurately represent the water quality” and are inconsistent with the body of data collected at the residences.

Cabot disputed the EPA’s finding that the water well of one house had excessive levels of arsenic, a naturally occurring carcinogen. Cabot said none of the four houses had high levels of arsenic. It said the data that EPA cited apparently came from a test of a public water system, unrelated to well-drilling.

Click for Cabot’s full statement.

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