Mann to take live questions on hokey stick

Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 11am.

The Guardian reports:

The climate scientist Prof Michael Mann is one of the most divisive figures in the climate debate. His so-called ‘Hockey Stick’ graph – which shows the rapid up-tick in global temperatures during the the 20th century – has become an important part of the evidence behind the idea that the climate is warming due to human activities. But it has attracted vehement criticism from those seeking to caste doubt on mainstream climate science.

In a recent interview with the Guardian he said: “I think because the hockey stick became an icon it’s been subject to the fiercest of attacks really in the whole science of climate change.” But he accepts that criticism – which is often very personal – has become “part of the job description” for climate scientists.

In his new book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the front lines, Mann tells the story of the science and politics behind the Hockey Stick controversy. He also gives an account of the fall out from the unlawful release of emails between climate researchers at the University of East Anglia and their colleagues around the world – including Mann himself.

Mann will be answering questions live online from 4pm GMT on Tuesday – that is 11am EST. The comment thread will be open from 3.45pm. Please leave your questions below.

Read the Guardian announcement.

2 thoughts on “Mann to take live questions on hokey stick”

  1. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he selectively answers only softball questions. I’ll wait for the revue.

  2. They still don’t get it–Mann erased the Roman and Medieval warming periods to get his result. The Hockey Stick “has become an important part of the evidence”? Yeah, evidence of flat-out lying.

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