LOL: Architects Propose ‘Bibs’ To Shield NYC From Global Warming’s Floods

Too funny. How about instead designing punishment stocks for Michael Mann and the Climategaters?

FastCoDesign says:

Global warming will make New York spectacularly vulnerable to flooding. Some researchers even suggest that in 200 years, Manhattan could look like Venice. Does that mean 8 million people oughta start packing their bags? Of course not. But experts agree the city should do something. Enter Tingwei Xu and Xie Zhang. The U Penn students think New York can protect itself the way a guy cracking lobster protects his tie: by strapping on a bib…

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3 thoughts on “LOL: Architects Propose ‘Bibs’ To Shield NYC From Global Warming’s Floods”

  1. Imagine Cash Cab by Gondola……. a new twist.
    Now that’s what I call, “thinking outside the box”….. LMAO….!!!!

  2. Maybe all the highrise buildings should be equipted with lifeboats on every floor. They could have lifeboot drills everytime Al Gore or any of his disciples announces global warming on television

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