LATimes: Enviros ‘sacrifice’ the desert to save the planet

And all for naught as China will become the all-time emissions leader in 2035.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

“I have spent my entire career thinking of myself as an advocate on behalf of public lands and acting for their protection,” said Johanna Wald, a veteran environmental attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “I am now helping facilitate an activity on public lands that will have very significant environmental impacts. We are doing it because of the threat of climate change. It’s not an accommodation; it’s a change I had to make to respond to climate.”

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5 thoughts on “LATimes: Enviros ‘sacrifice’ the desert to save the planet”

  1. surprisingly good article, considering its from the la times.
    50% electric rate increase…80% of investment gov paid….many “investors” just speculators.
    my bet is on the desert, when I lived in the mojave, there were plenty of abandoned projects including a concentrator (solar1.)
    Dust, 50-60mph winds and scorpions, oh my!
    (and black widows, and fire ants, and vinegaroms)
    then there’s the meth heads…..

  2. K. If the planet is saved, can we dump all the other crap? Uh . . . what? . . . this
    won’t save the planet?

    I betcha the planet doesn’t even care.

  3. Deserts are there for the NRDC to do with as they please, because they are self-appointed, self-important visionaries of things only they can understand. Kind of like a marriage of high priest and attorneys for their vision of the holiest of holys..

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