Laframboise: The Royal Society’s Joyride

“The Society’s tarnished reputation will not be restored – nor trust rebuilt – until this organization openly acknowledges what has transpired.”

Donna Laframboise writes at

To be a climate skeptic is to find oneself in an awkward spot. Eminent science organizations have publicly declared that human beings are causing dangerous climate change. Among these are the US National Academy of Sciences, the Science Council of Japan, the Academié des Sciences in France, and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

How can rational, intelligent people not take their word for it? How can someone such as myself – who lacks any scientific training whatsoever – imagine that my own misgivings deserve to be taken seriously when such esteemed bodies have spoken?

Yesterday a new report was released that goes a long way toward answering those questions. Written by Andrew Montford, the author of The Hockey Stick Illusion and the Bishop Hill blog, it takes a close look at the misbehaviour of the world’s oldest science academy…

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2 thoughts on “Laframboise: The Royal Society’s Joyride”

  1. These science academies are so caught up in the politics of climate science, they are lost in the politics and have forgotten about the real science. They also forget about Mother Nature. What you see is what you get.

    So, when people are told man-made global warming is causing more droughts but instead there are floods, people understand.

    When people are told man-made global warming is causing warmer winters but instead there are record cold winters, people understand.

    When people are told sea levels will rise 10 feet in 5 years but the satellites reveal no discernible rise in sea-level, people understand.

    When people are told the climate models show rising Co2 will result in much higher temperature but the actual temperature trend shows no discernible warming over the last 15 years, people understand.

    Yep… people certainly understand… they understand that they’ve been fed bull… they understand that obscene amounts of money have been spent needlessly on the impossible pursuit of halting climate change… as if it can be halted at all!

    The science academies are no longer scientific institutions of good repute. They have become political activist organisations of ill-repute!

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