Kathleen White: EPA rules burden economy with billions in costs

“Absent decisive congressional action, it may be many years before our economy digs out from the crushing cost of the EPA’s regulatory avalanche.”

Kathleen White writes in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

The nation’s most powerful regulatory agency, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is on a collision course with America’s still fragile economic recovery.

As I outline in a report published recently by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, 10 to 25 major EPA rules are scheduled to take effect over the next few years, each with a multi-billion dollar price tag and highly debatable benefits for public health…

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One thought on “Kathleen White: EPA rules burden economy with billions in costs”

  1. The article states: “Since 1970, aggregate emissions of the six criteria pollutants regulated under the Clean Air Act have decreased 53 percent. EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory documents a 65 percent reduction since 1988.”

    That’s long enough to test for a trend in human health outcomes associated with breathing. Especially since many adults living today were born during the period involved. Let’s see some correlation, at least. I’ve never seen such a correlation, but if there were one suggesting beneficial effects, the EPA would be bragging about it. Ergo, ‘no correlation’ is highly likely.

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