Job-acide: Stephen Colbert works to kill Keystone XL jobs

Former comedian Stephen Colbert is giving radical green activist Bill McKibben air time tonight to rally the Left against the Keystone XL pipeline. Since when is killing jobs funny?

Below is the e-mail we received from Al Gore announcing McKibben’s appearance.

Tell Colbert — through his publicist — what you think of his job-killing “comedy”.


Dear Steve,

In the next few days, the U.S. Senate will vote to determine the fate of a pipeline that would link a vast tar sands deposit in Alberta, Canada to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. The construction of the pipeline has been blocked once by President Obama, who refused to buckle to pressure from Congress and industry to cut short the environmental review. Unfortunately, they are at it again.

If approved and built, this pipeline, Keystone XL, would carry one of the most carbon-intensive sources of oil on the planet.

For the next 24 hours, The Climate Reality Project is joining with, MoveOn, League of Conservation Voters, Patagonia, Sierra Club, Energy Action Coalition and others to garner 500,000 signatures in a community-wide effort against the pipeline. Bill McKibben of will be on The Colbert Report tonight and will update the world on our progress — so sign now, and then pass it on. We’ve come together before to stop production of this dangerous pollutant — and with your help, we can do it again:

Join me in telling the U.S. Senate to say NO to one of the most carbon-intensive oils on the planet:

If you care about the climate, you have to care about stopping this dangerous pollutant and the pipeline that carries it. After extensive research, the EPA estimates that annual carbon pollution from the Keystone XL pipeline could be at least 82% higher than average crude refined in America — if not more.

What does that number really mean? That’s the same amount of pollution as adding 4.8 million cars to our roads: an additional 27 million metric tons of carbon pollution.

Instead of pouring money into the production of more dirty oil, we need to work with Canada to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency. Clean energy is already the fastest growing industry in the U.S. and one of the fastest growing industries around the world.

It doesn’t matter where you live, or if the pipeline crosses into your home state. An increase of carbon pollution anywhere leads to climate change everywhere.

I just returned from an expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula, where the temperature has risen by over 8 degrees in the last 60 years. And more than that, the glacial retreat caused by this temperature increase means sea level is rising and dangerous changes are happening around the globe. To put it simply: it means we are all living on thin ice.

Take a minute and sign this important petition and tell the Senate to say NO to Keystone XL:


Al Gore
Founder and Chairman
The Climate Reality Project

12 thoughts on “Job-acide: Stephen Colbert works to kill Keystone XL jobs”

  1. McKibbon stops Keystone, Iran starts a war in the Middle East, Venezuala decides to put the screws on the US, no more oil other than what is now coming from Canada which is about 20% of the US’s requirements. Not to worry, though, the US has lots of windmills and solar panels to provide all the energy you need especially since the EPA is shutting down all your coal fired power plants. Unfortunately, McKibbon and Gore and their crony’s believe that while most of the people will have to downgrade their lifestyles, they won’t have to because they are the elite – sounds like “Animal Farm” and Napolean to me.

  2. We NEED to get-back the Vote-tabulation from Clinton’s firm, imo, in Spain, so Nobama doesn’t get a LANDSLIDE in 2012, where a key-stroke reverses the totals. Canada’s in pretty good shape, for a Socialist country,–they can “invest” in US, and we don’t “need” clean & efficient energy, up in Canada–we already HAVE IT in the inexhaustible oil & gas reserves down HERE,–inexhaustible, because both are made as I type–oil is MIS-NAMED as “fossil” because it may or may not, have been sourced from dino-Era distillate-deposits. Bio-mass fuels can be made without drilling, and burn without soot, but it’s expensive, for now, to make. Computer-programs may make bio-diesil, price competitive with the cheapest in-the-ground sourcings. We’ll be alright, if we can get rid of Nobama & his EPA, which is TRYING to “tie-up” the means whereby we can pay our debts. If we can’t pay our debts, this country will fall, like an over-ripe plum, into Globalist-Socialist hands, and the Globalists may make Nobama, ruler-for-life over what’s left, after he delivers us into their claws. Nobama will cheat–he MUST, because the last time he won, he got out more voters than previous Demon-crats, but the independents and the youth are “on to him, now”, and hopefully, that dis-enchantment will last. Are you “better-off” NOW, then under Bush? Few, can answer in the affirmative, but if he cheats in Spain, we’re in trouble. “USA vote-tabulation firm –maybe Clinton’s, and in Spain…Will LIKELY reprise…Nobama’s name…” Almighty G-d, prevent Satan’s Globalist Apparachek,imo, from gaining total power over this country–a country you placed your hand on, so long ago, Amen

  3. “we need to work with Canada to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency.” Particularly, the ones where Kleiner Perkins has invested millions of dollars.

  4. Al Gore is rich and his daddy was rich because of a long time association with Occidental Petroleum. Armand Hammer counted on Al Gore Sr. to represent his interests and Al Gore Jr. has the stock to show for it.

    So you might ask–why would Algore be anti oil–well because he can be. It’s like asking the Ford Foundation people why they keep sending money and support to anti capitalist marxist/socialist causes–because they can.

    Ain’t no mending. Algore is a true believer. So are his acolytes.

  5. Al Gore and his ilk will not go away quietly. It cannot have escaped their attention that the entire AGW doomsday scenario is falling apart and as it does, so does their entire future wealth and glory; though, for Mr. Gore, his fraudulent efforts have already paid off, handsomely. More than the financial impact of the dearth of grant and tax monies will be the loss of reputations, dreams of Nobel prizes and lucrative book deals, potential number ones on the NYT’s bestseller list.
    I’m empathetic to those that were snookered but they can find sympathy between sin and syncopation in any good dictionary. That they should expect to extort billions from present and future energy intensive commercial enterprises, all ultimately to be borne by the humanity they profess such great concern for, and effectively strangle economic development in the so called third world on the basis of intentionally fraudulent scientific analysis of carefully crafted and edited data, so as to protect and promote their bogus science and precious reputations, is reprehensible if not to say criminal. But don’t look for any mea culpas from Al Gore or his fellow conspirators. This letter to Mr. Milloy is Mr. Gore’s wimpy way of pumping up his ego and politically expressing the superiority of his position. Has anyone seen any convincing counter scientific analysis devoid of ad hominem attacks against the “deniers” or cogent scientific refutations of the latter’s arguments; not to mention the growing list of defectors? Mr. Gore is flaunting his inconvenient lies by getting in the “belly of the beast” posing as a magnanimous adversary, an unspoken invitation to the “denier supremo” to mend his wayward ways, implying a willingness to engage, with no intention of committing himself to that potentially embarrassing ordeal. It cannot be lost on Mr. Gore that his 2007 academy award for an “An Inconvenient Truth” is threatened with rescission as a result of Climategate.
    If Mr. Milloy is so inclined and has the time to waste he should call big Al’s bluff.

  6. Colbert is a joke at best and taking him serious is a major mistake, except he does have a big microphone.

    Anyone who associates with Gore or any of his cronies needs to be shut down some how. Let’s see if our labor friends still have the balls to handle situation like the coal miners did with Jock yablonski or the folks who gave Hoffa his last ride.

  7. I have a theory about Al Gore. Probably wrong but here it is. He lost the election for President of the United States of America to an oil man. It was a very strange election I will give him that but he then brooded and brooded about it. What greater revenge than to demonize the very product that was the business of the winner? So he set out to propagandize against fossil fuels and CO2. Got himself a Nobel and an Oscar to boot. Just a theory though. It certainly isn’t “settled”.

  8. “we need to work with Canada to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency.” What the heck. Obama’s given money to a car company in Finland, why not send some money to Canada?

  9. What ALGORE fails to tell one, is that you can refine and blend a dirty fuel into one that conforms to fuels from other sources, so it DOESN’T MATTER, HOW dirty the fuel was to START OUT with,–it ENDS UP, clean and conforming to the appropriate formulas, or it cannot be used. One cannot use a lower refined Kerosine as 91 octane gasoline. So how dirty a fuel is, may determine how much you can get that’s usable per barrel, but has NOTHING to do with the formulas that are used to blend fuels before they can be distributed. So ALGORE is LYING when he says it’s going to be a big deal, carbon-wise, for tar sands fuels. Oil companies, are NOT going to pipe crude they can’t refine for use. Once the fuels are refined and blended, the sourcing makes NO difference! This is WHY, imo, ALGORE is such a reprehensible LIAR. Imo, ALGORE is a Globalist, was raised by those who supported Stalin and other vicious dictators, and part of his inheritance, was coal shares, I’m told. In sum, dirty fuels can conform to standards for cleaner sources. In the case of diesil fuel, a petroleum-based diesil has soot, that a bio-mass diesil, like from high-lipid algae, does NOT have, but diesils now have a type of “cat” that filters out the more troublesome particles of soot, so those will not get into the air, no matter which diesil you used or where it originally came from.

  10. Is there no end to what dribble comes forth from this man. Did he fly to Antarctica on his electric jet and crusie across the ice in biodiesel powered snow mobiles. If only he would just once find the thin ice and fall thru. It would certainly reduce the amount of hot air in the atmosphere.

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