IBD: Tale of Two Pipelines

“While our president sleeps on the Keystone XL pipeline, Canada’s prime minister is in Beijing signing a series of trade deals to ship additional petroleum to China. Halftime in America? We need a new quarterback.”

Investor’s Business Daily editorializes,

Prime Minister Steven Harper is making good on his warning that Canada would seek other customers for the vast oil riches locked in the oil sands of Alberta. He is leading a five-day delegation to an energy-hungry China eager to be Canada’s best customer. He will not wait for an American administration fixated on windmills and Solyndras and automakers that produce overpriced electric cars prone to battery fires.

“I am very serious about selling our oil off this continent, selling our energy products off to Asia. I think we have to do that,” Harper said in an interview with Canada’s CTV National News in the wake of President Obama’s decision to kick the Keystone oil can down the road past the November election.

On the trip Harper announced a series of multibillion-dollar trade and business agreements to ship additional Canadian petroleum, uranium and other products to China. More than 20 commercial agreements involving more than 50 Chinese and Canadian companies were announced. In addition, a joint economic study to be completed by May could form the basis for a free trade agreement…

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  1. And what does our “do nothing” Congress have to say about this? Maybe they are embattled in the authorization of a new post office in Po Dunk, USA.

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