Hope for SMU: Response to: ‘Keep America pro-science’

We spotlighted yesterday a “pro-science” commentary by a voice performance major in the SMU student newspaper. Here’s a student response.

Tucker Keene rights in SMU’s The Daily Campus:

I read The Daily Campus on Wednesday and saw an article titled “Keep America Pro-Science,” which expressed outrage about how few Americans believed in climate change.

It continued to blame the conservatives in the Republican party in particular, which is what really made me annoyed. The GOP is not anti science because they don’t believe in government solutions to climate change.

First of all, anyone who describes something as “settled science” is lying to you. Six hundred years ago, it was “settled science” that the world was flat and that the earth was the center of the universe. More recently, in the 1970s it was the opinion of the vast majority of climate scientists that if we didn’t cut down on carbon production (also known as exhaling), we would be headed for a second ice age in the near future.

Science by definition is never settled, new things are always being discovered and new theories always disprove old ones.

When climate scientists tell Americans that this is 100 percent fact, without question, they think to themselves, “The weatherman can’t even tell me accurately what the temperature is going to be in a week, and these people think they can tell me with 100 percent certainty what the temperature will be in 50 years?”…

Read Keene’s entire letter (pretty good for anyone, especially a college sophomore!).

Read the original voice performance major screed.

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