Hayward: Plot thickens for Gleick

“A comment here about Gleick’s tender concern for ‘transparency’… Heartland received substantial contributions from one anonymous donor. It happens that the Environmental Defense Fund in a recent report thanks 141 anonymous donors for their support.”

Steve Hayward writes at PowerLine:

In my article about the Peter Gleick affair coming out tonight or early tomorrow morning in the next issue of The Weekly Standard, I note that “the Heartland Institute has always extended invitations to the leading ‘mainstream’ figures to speak or debate at the [annual Heartland climate change] conference, including Al Gore, NASA’s James Hansen, and senior officials from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (Heartland typically receives no response from such figures.)”

It turns out that one of the “mainstream” figures that Heartland has invited to debate is . . . Peter Gleick! Quite recently in fact. Which only adds to the mountain of circumstance explaining why Gleick gave into his jonesing for a fix of Heartland’s proprietary information in late January. Gleick has been sharing pixels with Heartland’s James Taylor on Forbes.com, where they have traded fusillades over climate issue. It would seem it drove Gleick insane…

Read the entire commentary.

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