Has The Nature Conservancy Gone Too Far with the SI Swimsuit Campaign?

Greenwashing and sexism are OK to save the planet, says Triple Pundit.

Triple Pundit reports:

The Nature Conservancy may have just raised a few eyebrows, some in dismay, others from a more voyeuristic perspective at their recent decision to partner with the Sports Illustrated magazine and luxury retailer Gilt, in a new fundraising campaign. This highly respected, international organization, which, unlike other environmental advocacy groups, protects fragile and important wilderness areas by buying or leasing them, cannot do what it does without money. So they have decided to take a bold move in what some might consider a rather unconventional direction.

A special sales event coinciding with the launch of this year’s SI swimsuit issue, will feature swimsuits, photographs, surfboards and tickets (starting at $1000) to launch parties where the highly exposed models will be in attendance. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Nature Conservancy who will use them to protect the very beaches on which the pictures were taken…

Is this marketing campaign greenwashing on the part of Sports Illustrated and Gilt? Of course it is. Is it sexist? You betcha. But does that mean it shouldn’t be done, even if the end result is that hundreds or perhaps even thousands of acres of fragile wilderness are rescued from the bulldozer and the chainsaw? I’m not so sure. Because in the better world I’m looking at, sometimes the ends do justify the means. And in order to get there before it’s too late, sometimes you have to be pragmatic and go where the people are.

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3 thoughts on “Has The Nature Conservancy Gone Too Far with the SI Swimsuit Campaign?”

  1. How naive – TNC does cut trees. Why is everything a fragile wilderness??? I’ve heard that for 50 years now. The vast majority of land considered wilderness by the 1964 Wilderness Act in National Forests has never been breached. Typical over-reach and alarmism. Don’t worry, there is plenty of wilderness. I thought TNC had a large bank account through flipping with our US government.

  2. The Nature Conservancy is a ‘green’ housing developer. They buy chunks of pristine wilderness, and then build residences that are ‘in harmony with nature’, and make a significant profit on re-selling the house and grounds to the very rich. This business model has made them one of the best-funded NGOs on the planet. There will be real estate brokers attending these events.

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