Global warming threatens Antarctic fish

More denial of natural selection.

The Summit County Citizens Voice reports:

Rapidly rising ocean temperatures around Antarctica are likely to imperil fish species that evolved eons ago with special antifreeze proteins that enable them to survive in icy waters.
The fish, known as notothenioids, account for the bulk of the fish diversity and are a major food source for larger predators, including penguins, toothed whales, and seals…

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6 thoughts on “Global warming threatens Antarctic fish”

  1. I did not realize how huge Antarctica is. Greenland is called greenland because once it was green no ice..
    Thanks for common sense above. george carlin had it right on global warming on you tube. and its funny but
    factual.. God bless

  2. Antarctica is 50% larger than the entire USA including Alaska. A single volcano is so relatively small, you could not make a dot small enough on a wall sized map to represent it. Anarctica is huge.

  3. I know I’m relying on a skeptic trained meteorolgist, but there are no warming waters around Antarctica. None, not even slowly warming. No warming waters. None. And sea ice extent there is increasing.

    As far as evolution goes – easy come, easy go. You’re here until you’re not. And then there’s something else. Just like that little fishy. And, by their evolutionary timeline, that little fishy was around 20 million years ago with that lake just drilled by the Russians wasn’t under miles of ice. Yalies?!

  4. Thousands of people around the globe are literally freezing to death, because of a lack of cheap energy, and this is where our research dollars go? If, and, maybe, but, perhaps………… riveting report. These green zealots are despicable human beings.

  5. i suggest shipping the broken glacier up north to antarctica. Oh my gooodness another fish threatened by our
    global warming that is a false science.. Put a curtain around the Sun.. God bless these nuts with some
    common sense.

  6. What happened to the underwater volcano erupting down there? Is it not having any effects on things?
    Or is this whole issue of the affected fish drummed up, like the whole AGW hoax?

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