Global warming blamed for shark attacks

That headline contains about all the evidence there is. reports:

Sharks killed twice as many swimmers and surfers last year than in 2010, with the increase due largely to a growth in tourism and changing shark patterns due to global warming…

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7 thoughts on “Global warming blamed for shark attacks”

  1. Well said, Rich.
    Worse yet, and another aspect to your lament, we are producing a whole generation of new “scientists”, that have been basically indoctrinated with all this junk science crap, not just related to AGW, but across the board. The quality and scientific rigor that is the foundation for ascientific advancement I fear is really in jeopardy. Hopefully, there will be enough souls that will escape or dodge this bullet; guess we’ll have to continue to support the efforts of folks like Steve M, here, and others that have as their goal the speaking of truth, providing facts, and advocating real scientific exploration and analysis.

  2. Gamecock has hit on the most frightening aspect of the whole AGW scam. We’re producing at least 2 generations who will grow to mistrust and vilify true science, having fallen for the scam which will soon be proven invalid. When this happens, and we NEED science to help us cope with a much colder world for 200 or 300 years, we will have a majority who believe that ALL science is lies. That’s when our children and grandchildren will be in truly desperate straits.

  3. A generation from now, people will look back and see a lost generation of
    science. For 25 years, National Geographic has ascribed actions to Global
    Warming. The height of intellectual laziness. Everything is caused by Global
    Warming, yet we’ll discover that NOTHING has been caused by Global
    Warming. All a hoax.

    Cause and effect? Global Warming, regardless of the effect.

  4. Since there has been no increase in ocean temps the sharks must somehow know AGW is happening and they must therefore be taking it out on unsuspecting beachgoers….

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