Gingrey: Keystone versus Solyndra

Obama makes green energy choices that leave U.S. dependent on foreign oil.

Congressman Phil Gingrey writes in the Washington Times:

… The Obama administration mirrored the latter approach when it fast-tracked loans to green energy companies. Take, for example, the now-infamous Solyndra boondoggle. Shortly after Mr. Obama took office, Department of Energy officials ignored the George W. Bush administration’s concerns about Solyndra’s loan application and approved a $535 million taxpayer-funded loan.

Within three years of receiving the loan, Solyndra filed for bankruptcy and became the subject of a federal criminal investigation. In fact, Feb. 17 marks the one-year anniversary of the congressional investigation into Solyndra…

Contrast those failures with the privately funded Keystone XL pipeline, whose application languished at the Department of State for more than three years before its permit was finally denied…

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  1. Why Not run the pipeline adjacent/under the wind mills farms … After all, if them Wind Mills can be erected in area that are ,obviously not environmentally sensitive , there should no protest …right? 🙂

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