Former Sierra Club chief: ‘Coal won’t fire India’s future’

Is Chesapeake Energy fracking in India now?

Tehelka reports:

IN DELHI to participate in the Sustainable Development Summit, Carl Pope, a veteran environmentalist and chairman of Sierra Club, one of the world’s oldest environmental conservation organisations, tells Kunal Majumder why coal is no longer a viable option to meet India’s growing energy needs…

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Under Carl Pope’s leadership, the Sierra Club was paid $26 million by Chesapeake Energy to attack coal.

3 thoughts on “Former Sierra Club chief: ‘Coal won’t fire India’s future’”

  1. ” it turns out, there are two things that make nuclear power plants expensive. First is the enormous amount of cement and steel involved in the building of the plant.”

    For the same amount of energy generated, wind requires far more steel and concrete than does nuclear.

  2. The pope is not telling anyone what their options are. Excrement by any other name still smells like excrement.

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