Extreme Weather Report: 80% of Americans affected

From global cooling to global warming to climate change to extreme weather…

USA Today reports:

Violent and deadly weather events have affected more than 240 million Americans — about 80% of the nation’s population — over the past six years, says a report out today from an environmental advocacy group.

Read the entire report.

7 thoughts on “Extreme Weather Report: 80% of Americans affected”

  1. My favorite hyperbole is “today is the hottest day in 100 years!” Each day of the year is only repeated 100 times per 100 years. But there are 365 individual days per each year. Therefore, on average, each year will have 3.65 “hottest” and “coldest” days in 100 years. But hey, it sounds great to say it as an example of extreme weather.

  2. Been thru a tornado, straight line winds, a forest fire, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Alicia, Tropical Storm Allison, ran from Rita ,hail storms, ice storms, blizzards, floods and drought. None of it bothers me near as much as driving thru traffic to work.

  3. “Whether the weather be cold,
    Or whether the weather be hot,
    Whether you like our weather,
    Or whether you like it not.
    You’ll have to weather our weather,
    It’s the only weather we’ve got.”

  4. There was a tornado a few miles from here last fall. I stared at the weather
    report on TV for half an hour. I guess I was affected.

  5. While I don’t disagree that weather has affected 80% of americans, I’m quite sure that the fact is, that it is a positive rather than negative affect. The statement that, and I quote ,”Violent and deadly weather has affected 240,000,000 Americans”??? is well Pure Poppy Cock!

    Doesn’t work even if you include all of the citizens from North, Central, and South America.

  6. 20% of Americans lived in Hawaii the last six years? If you’re counting hot, cold, wet, dry or windy, I would have expected 100%. Even Chicago’s had some pretty mildish winters and summers the last six years, but had a 23″ snow storm and some tornadoes in the vicinity. And some hot and cold snaps.

    They’re not fooling anyone over 50 with this unless they want to be fooled. We’ve seen weather extremes both ways all our lives. Just covering up the fact that there hasn’t been an increase and there hasn’t been much in the way of hurricanes since predicting a Katrina apocalyse. How embarrassing. But, yeah. Hurricanes happen and they cover a lot of territory.

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