Evangelical group holds firm on ‘pro-life’ link to EPA rule

Elmer Gantry isn’t backing down.

The Hill reports:

A green evangelical group won’t bow to conservative anti-abortion-rights leaders or Republicans who are pressuring them to stop casting support for new EPA pollution rules as a “pro-life” position…

“We believe protecting the unborn from mercury poisoning is a consistent pro-life position,” he said. “An issue that impacts the unborn – that’s where we resonate as a pro-life organization”…

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3 thoughts on “Evangelical group holds firm on ‘pro-life’ link to EPA rule”

  1. True everyone needs to make money but fighting tooth and nail to gut environmental laws tha ARE the reason there are no bodies in the street, proves my point!

  2. What bodies?

    The TV you watch resulted from people wanting to make a buck. So was your car, your breakfast cereal, and the computer that you use to make foolish comments.

  3. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! They have finally understood that most enviro’s are trying to save people! Those who would release poisons to make a buck and would wait until the bodies fill the streets before doing anything are the real enemies of humanity. They only thing they care about is making a buck, if it’s over your dead body, tough luck for you!

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