EPA to regulate Army use of smoke grenades

Phew… the Army can use them as long as air quality is maintained.

Inside EPA reports,

EPA has approved regulations that allow for the use of smoke grenades and fog machines as part of military training exercises at an U.S. Army base in Colorado while aiming to reduce the exercises’ air quality impacts, after Colorado reached an agreement with military officials on revisions to the state’s air plan to incorporate the regulations.

In the Jan. 18 Federal Register, EPA issued a final rule approving revisions to Colorado’s state implementation plan (SIP) that allow the use of smoke grenades and other “obscurants” during military operations at the United States Army Fort Carson Military Base and Pinón Canyon Maneuver Site, both near Colorado Springs, CO…

Click for the Federal register announcement.

3 thoughts on “EPA to regulate Army use of smoke grenades”

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    Stop the EPA, this is nonsense! We have let this administration cut our military off at the knees and the EPA will just do more towards finishing them off. Then where will we be? Defenseless and open to the final destruction!

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