Diesel report’s publication delayed as industry demands to see documents first

“The committee’s ongoing interest is to ensure the results of this research are accurate and meet the highest standards of scientific review.”

The Washington Post reports:

Publication of a landmark government study probing whether diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in miners — already 20 years in the making — has been delayed by industry and congressional insistence on seeing study data and documents before the public does.

A federal judge has affirmed the right of an industry group and a House committee to review the materials and has held the Department of Health and Human Services in contempt for not producing all of them…

Read the entire report.

6 thoughts on “Diesel report’s publication delayed as industry demands to see documents first”

  1. Peer review is what keeps true junk science from being published which is why most denier papers never make to publication. It is truly junk!

  2. Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) is one of the best. So it pains me that he made such a stupid statement about peer reviewed science. EPA science is junk science. Peer reviews comes from an insular set of people who do scar mongering studies for a living. It is shameful.

  3. Route the exhaust out of the mine. Wear respiratory protection for dust or other particulates. Problem solved.

  4. GreggM, did you notice that the article doesn’t have the word ‘soot’ anywhere in it, though it does mention ‘fumes’?

    Who, I ask, is being ‘scientifically correct’? Well, it’s correct if you’re ‘green’, but for the rest of us, it’s stone ignorant.

  5. Wow! Like their science saying that that black soot coming from diesels is harmless. It is actually PAH’s which are proven carcinogens. But don’t worry, industry will always do what is scientifically correct, righjhtttt!

  6. Considering the bang-up job the EPA did on Fracking, where the agency published a un-reviewed report with flaws so obvious that it would not stand up to the rigors of a high school science fair, I’d say this is a very reasonable challenge.

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