Dear Global Warming Alarmists: We’re Still Waiting for Declining Snowfall

“Christy’s study rebutted the theory, at least regarding the Sierra Nevada Mountains.”

Heartland’s James Taylor writes at Forbes:

Annual snowfall in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains is showing no sign of decline, according to a study by University of Alabama-Huntsville climate scientist John Christy. The study’s results, accepted for publication in the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Hydrometeorology, refute frequent assertions by global warming alarmists that global warming is adversely affecting Sierra Nevada snowfall and snowpack…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Global Warming Alarmists: We’re Still Waiting for Declining Snowfall”

  1. Jose, if you read the linked article you will note that your concerns are discussed and also refuted. No change in high or low altitude snowfalls in the Sierra.

  2. According to most climate models, the snow pack in the Sierra Nevadans are supposed to increase (as apposed to almost every other mountain on the west coast, as a result of global warming, as they are high enough to retain the increasing winter precipitation levels as snow for a longer period of time. We literally learned this today in class, and saw a map with red circles for drops in snowpack and blue for increases…there was a wall of blue up and down california…who the hell are the “global warming alarmists” they’re talking about? Prediction are born out of supercomputer climate models…

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