Days of summit-level climate talks may be over — U.S. official

Would that be a COP-out?

Climatewire reports,

Don’t expect another Copenhagen — maybe ever.

That’s the word from U.S. deputy climate envoy Jonathan Pershing, who said yesterday that the 2009 spectacle of President Obama and other world leaders haggling late into the night over climate treaty language is likely a once-in-a-lifetime event.

In a teleconference organized by the Association of Climate Change Officers, Pershing said the only events that came close to the magnitude of Copenhagen were the 1945 Yalta Conference or the negotiations toward the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.

“But in both those cases, you’re looking at a few people sitting around a table — not 40. It’s unusual,” Pershing said. “I wouldn’t expect it very often, if again”…

2 thoughts on “Days of summit-level climate talks may be over — U.S. official”

  1. However, no conference in history has reached the magnitude of BS that eminated from the Copenhagen conference!

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