Daily Climate: Warmist ‘science’ fails to impact debate

It’s “science” vs. science, but which side is which?

Read the Daily Climate’s “Economics and political cues dictate climate change concern for a public that has a remarkably short attention span on the topic, researchers find. Extreme weather, science-based education efforts have ‘only a minor effect.’

6 thoughts on “Daily Climate: Warmist ‘science’ fails to impact debate”

  1. Any “science” that is verifiable by independent observations and experiments or correctly predicts the future, regardless or who backed it, is the only science that can’t be ignored.

  2. Precious that they are openly disappointed in economic and political oucomes despite their best efforts at “education” (as opposed to education). And yet no one is supposed to accuse them of economic and political motivations.

    This group is a bit lamely sold on the whole AGW shtick. So, exactly what kind of science education would promote the economic and political teachings of scientists? And, in the case of extreme weather, even the scientific “consensus” has been unable to make much ground or even sereiously endorse that meme when it comes to current weather.

    If they want to prevaill, they’d stand a better chance if they could eliminate anyone older than 40 who have seen enough weather to know it gets hot and cold, wet and dry, calm and stormy alternately. It would also help if they could kill the internet so that those in warm Minnesota can’t be simultateously aware of cold Alaska.

  3. GreggM
    The surest sign that something is a lie is the great anger and outrage spewed upon anyone that dares to question it and the frantic effort to silence anyone that threatens to expose it.

    Well said susan!

  4. @Gregg M. Well any “science” backed by Phil Jones, Mike Mann, the money grubbing researchers who have their hands out for Billions in government grants based on phony data and the billionaires who want even more billions from the so-called green energy scams and carbon credit trading is also suspect. Do you think, Gregg M that we are so stupid that we don’t know that these alarmists are making billions of dollars off of our backs? Do you really think that we are so stupid and ignorant that we don’t know that billionaires like Boone Pickens and Warren Buffet are profiting enormously at our expense with so called “green” energy measures that cause more harm to the environment than less expensive energy? Do you think I don’t know that interference with free markets by requiring my utility companies ( I mean the ones that provide me with heat and light) to buy so called “green” energy at two or three or four times the price of fossil fuels is not passed on to me as a purchaser? If you don’t understand any of that the fool is you, not me.

  5. Well, any “science” on global warming backed by the coal and oil industries and deniers is done to prove whatever they already believe, not science, and can be ignored!

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