Congressman Harris targets fracking report

Rep. Andy Harris is a hero. reports,

Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland is challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s assertion that a process used to extract gas and oil from shale may pollute groundwater.

The issue is important to Harris, who supports hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — in the Marcellus Shale formation in western Maryland.

“Natural gas is very important to our energy future and energy independence in the United States,” Harris, who chairs the House Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, said during a Monday interview. “The bias of the EPA against hydro-fracturing I think came out in the report on the Wyoming site. It’s highly disputed and we need to get to the facts and the basis for the EPA’s report”…

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  1. The EPA has been getting by with administrative rubber stamps of its proposals to find new ways to control various sectors of the country’s economy. They have been relying on the lack of fact-checking ability in the staff of the various oversight committees and sweeping under the rug the objections they receive from private industry through their (mandated) ‘public comment’ solicitations.
    They will even brush off Congressmen:
    Their agenda is to control businesses through fines and intimidation, as can be seen from their own boasts of their newsworthy accomplishments in the “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Weekly Digest Bulletin”, which is mostly a list of the companies from which they have extorted oppressive fines.

  2. We NEED the Truth out. Don’t forget, the Bilderbergers(-“Blunder-burgers”) TOLD Nobama and Hellery in 2008, when they attended the Secret Blunder-burger meet in Virgina, slipping their Press entourage (–NEVER DONE, –before or since)–they both were TOLD to CRASH the US economy, USING the EPA (–which IS happening,–there OUGHT to be a Congressional investigation, NOT that it would GO anywhere, and NOT that they would DO anything…). The EPA can “appear” to be above-board due to its regulations, but the jobs that it PREVENTS are REAL, and they would speed a Recovery, which the Blunder-burgers don’t want, because they have determined that the USA must be destroyed,economically, for their feral-idea of Global Governance to succeed. The Cold is coming in ’14, according to Russian scientists, and then the Globalists will HAVE to retrench and say we NEED Global Control due to Global COOLING, so they have to “Hurt us” Now, and as Nobama was RAISED by Communists when they weren’t Islamists, he’s on-board with it, because an increase in the U.N.’s power will HELP him, even if he loses this fall, for the US Presidency was only a “stepping-stone” for being “in charge” at the U.N( Secretary general). at the time when our leaders are supposed to ask for the Globalists to help us all out, by sub-suming our local governance & Constitutional rights for theirs. If he wins, the ONLY job increases, will be in the govt. sector, because that’s the way to take us down quicker, plus his forces will be “in place” in the Govt, waiting for us to resist. Once Martial-law’s declared(–somebody resisted, maybe not–maybe…”He Can’t Wait”…), FEMA can “retire” any governmental opposition, as under their charter the Congress takes a 6-month vacation(–I predict it will NEVER return). The products of fracking could make living less expensive for many in this country, so we need it, and it appears to be safe. Most don’t realize the USA is a vast STOREHOUSE of Energy,and that there’s NO “peak-oil” because its always being produced, deep inside the Earth.–we…could be an OPEC-nation, if the criminal, imo, EPA only ALLOWED us to be. The ONLY down-side of fracking is that there’ll be all the gas necessary to run the FEMA incinerators, if I was correct in the first 2/3rds of my rant. I HOPE I’m TOTALLY WRONG!

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