Commuters continue to breathe diesel exhaust at Chicago’s Union Station

It’s not a health risk.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Thousands of commuters continue to breathe high levels of lung-damaging diesel exhaust at Chicago’s Union Station, in part because of nagging maintenance problems at the Old Post Office that straddles the southbound tracks…

Diesel exhaust isn’t known to harm exposed workers (like truck drivers). It’s doubtful that rail passengers and statsion workers are at risk.

3 thoughts on “Commuters continue to breathe diesel exhaust at Chicago’s Union Station”

  1. Fine, back a bus up to your house and pipe the exhaust into your living room and stay there for a day, if you’re still alive and healthy at the end of the day, I’ll agree!

  2. Massive fines for all the building owners who failed to maintain exhausts as the bureaucrats think AND ban all internal combusion engines in Chicago. Back to horses and walking to work. Oh, ban all oil and coal heat electricity. Chicago will be one of the healthiest ghost towns in the US.

  3. If the enviro-nannies get wind of the fact that most school busses are deisel-fueled, we may be looking at a mass movement towards home-schooling, which might not be a bad thing.

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