China set to top U.S. greenhouse gas output by almost 50%

Maybe California will go to a no-carbon fuels program.

Climatewire reports,

By 2015, China will emit nearly 50 percent more greenhouse gases than the United States, a top Chinese energy researcher said yesterday.

Ye Qi, a professor of environmental policy at Tsinghua University and director of the Climate Policy Initiative, both in Beijing, said China has made enormous strides over the past five years in both reducing energy intensity and developing renewable energy capacity.

But, he said, China’s overall energy use has skyrocketed along with its growth, keeping renewable sources just a sliver of the country’s overall share. Meanwhile, he said, China’s emissions, which were 20 percent higher than the United States’ in 2010, could be as high as 49 percent more by 2015…

3 thoughts on “China set to top U.S. greenhouse gas output by almost 50%”

  1. Gee, so engineers can put a guy on the moon but building a compressed air tank strong enough to be safe is just wayyyy beyond them. These things are already being used in India and France, as Milloy is so fond of saying “where are the bodies?”. And how much in dynamite equivalent is a 15 gallon tank of gas?

  2. Because of the risk of explosive decompression during accidents. Take a scuba tank for example: it holds about 80 cubic feet of air, About the same as a large telephone booth, but compressed to about 3000 psi. If the tank ruptured the air will quickly expand out to its original dimension….FAST. Unfortunately there are other things already occupying that space and they will be shoved aside to make way for higher density air to expand. This mass expansion and conflict with objects around it is how and explosion does its damage. So these cars with tanks larger than scuba tanks and at something like 4250 psi, would be comparable to detonating several sticks of dynamite.

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