Canadian enviro groups snub good-news climate study

“Better air-quality report bad news for green fundraising.”

Jon Ferry writes in The Province:

I wasn’t too shocked last week by the distinctly cool response to the Fraser Institute’s big report on the state of Canadian air quality (though the Suzuki Foundation coughed up a surprisingly well-written response).

That’s not because I don’t think air quality is an issue requiring constant attention. But to holier-than-thou lefties, the right-wing Fraser Institute is pure evil. And they invariably savage anyone politically incorrect enough to mention its name, snuffing out reasoned discussion.

The report’s key point was that air quality in Canada had improved greatly since the 1970s. And, of course, good news about the environment is the last thing B.C.’s eco-warriors want to hear…

Read Ferry’s entire commentary.

2 thoughts on “Canadian enviro groups snub good-news climate study”

  1. For the NGOs its about fund-raising. For the Bureaucracies its about control.
    What they have in common is that they are willing to freely use climate alarmism to scare the organic waste out of everbody and convince then to relinquish their liquid assets and self-determination.

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