Briggs: Academics—Who Else?—Call For The Killing Of Babies

A new low — after-birth abortion.

William Briggs writes:

Academic philosophers Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva—shockingly working in Australia1, a land where commonsense was once held sacred—have written a peer-reviewed paper in which they say that killing newborns is A-OK, and even in some cases to be encouraged…

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7 thoughts on “Briggs: Academics—Who Else?—Call For The Killing Of Babies”

  1. Thank goodness. I was reading this and as I progressed I was horrified by the growing realisation that you had not condemned hippies anywhere in the body of the text. Now that your position vis-a-vis hippies has been clarified I can return to reading your post.

  2. When I saw that there was an update, I thought “Oh ho, now they say ‘didn’t you get the satire?'” However, I was quite discouraged when I read it.

    I’m shocked that they would not understand receiving death threats when they are advocating infanticide. In fact, under every society that I am aware of, murder of a child carries the maximum possible punishment, whether life imprisonment or death. I would find anyone who would not kill to stop them a detestable shell of a human being.

  3. You should see the Extended Abortion Act. It may well be fake, but feminists sure do like it. If this were to ever come to pass, it would be legal for mothers to kill their children…so long as they are not 3 years of age.

  4. Got to give ’em credit where credit is due. It is liberal minded. Hypotheticaly speaking of which as a point for further illumination on the sujbect, ” becoming a functioning human being” really is in the eye of the beholder unless you want to impose some arbitrary value system on everyone and that would be illiberal. — Stay with me here. — So, since Al Gore can be shown to have never become fully functioning due to debilitating narcissism and an obsessive compulsive fixation with snake oil, could he still be subject to after birth abortion?

    More seriously, it really does seem to be liberal minded to misanthropically look at life outside of oneself as mean and subhuman while making allowances for yourself and for people who agree or who are at least needed to support you. Most seriously, we seem to be about a half generation away from officially demonizing those who would disagree as closed minded subhumans.

  5. I would just like to take this opportunity to publicly demonize all hippies–thereby absolving myself of complicity in any and all hippie-like activities–on the remote chance that you might a) possess sufficient disposable income to afford ammo and, b) know where to find me. Have a great day and DOWN WITH HIPPIES! They SUCK!

  6. Finally, my position has been justified: “the rights and interests of the actual people involved should represent the prevailing consideration in a decision about abortion and after-birth abortion.”

    I’ve long asserted that the right to abort should continue until the purported ‘child’ reaches the age of 18 years. Consider the benefits: a vast reduction in adolescent obesity, high-school drop-out rates, and juvenile crime, etc.

    We can only hope that the ‘baby-killing gene’ will by these means eventually disappear from the gene pool.

  7. The hippies were quite happy with life-birth abortion – until the public was made aware of it, and they had to pretend to be shocked. (Dear Leader Obama was involved in keeping it going as long as possible.)

    Shall we mention partial-birth abortion – again, the hippies were more than happy with having a baby delivered , but the head still inside the mother, and then having a surgical device (scissors were standard, I believe) shoved into the back of its skull to make a hole. Then having its brains sucked out. This for 3rd trimester abortions.

    Then there is the DDT. Again millions, sorry – tens of millions, of children died in misery. ARE still dying in misery.

    And now you act all hyped up about a bunch of philosophizing hippies.

    You are a fucking retarded fool. Shits like, people who REFUSE to publicly demonize the fucking hippies, who pretend that ‘debate’ is ‘the way forward’, ARE directly complicit. So, sir, why don’t you take your little huff-piece and shove it up your ass.

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