Brian Merchant: The Hilarious Hypocrisy of Heartland’s ‘DenialGate’ Denial

What’s the difference between Climategate and Deniergate?

Brian Merchant writes at TreeHugger:

… Did you hear that? The president of the Heartland Institute thinks that posting confidential documents online is “an outrageous violation of ethics and law”. This truly is hilarious, as Mr. Bast reveals himself to be either entirely shameless, or at the very least, entirely oblivious.

Heartland’s onsite search engine turns back no fewer than 17 pages of search results from its own writings on an event it breathlessly calls “ClimateGate”. Recall, if you will, what formed the basis for that dragged-out, overhyped debacle? Pilfered private documents; confidential emails sent between climate scientists. And not once, to my knowledge, did Heartland ever question the ethics of circulating those materials…

Read Merchant’s screed.

Click for ScottishSceptic’s side-by-side comparison of Climategate and Deniergate.

One thought on “Brian Merchant: The Hilarious Hypocrisy of Heartland’s ‘DenialGate’ Denial”

  1. wait … I’m sure that Merchant must have claimed that the ClimateGate doc release was … “an outrageous violation of ethics and law” … so I guess he’s a hypocrite as well …

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