Bonnie Erbe: Komen’s ‘Race for the Cure’ is a misnomer

“But the “race for the cure” is a misnomer. After 30 years and literally billions of dollars collected in donations, there still is no cure for breast cancer nor is there one on the horizon.”

Bonnie Erbe writes at the Standard Times (San Angelo, TX):

… Komen, in its zeal to become bigger and bigger, has so overemphasized breast cancer’s prevalence that it has blown up a mammoth hot-air balloon of fear over a disease that doesn’t affect most women.

Again, I concede the foundation has helped thousands of breast cancer patients and survivors. But it has also hurt thousands of other women with its overzealousness.

Then there’s the bit about funding breast cancer research. In its last fiscal year, the foundation spent a paltry 20 percent of its almost $400 million take on research.

To call its signature event “the race for the cure” is false advertising. It should more appropriately be called “the race to pay Susan G. Komen executives huge salaries and give them permanent sinecures,” or something of that nature…

Read the entire commentary.

We addressed this issue last October.

One thought on “Bonnie Erbe: Komen’s ‘Race for the Cure’ is a misnomer”

  1. These guys are no better then those boiler room hustlers who try to solicit funds for bogus police and law enforcement organizations.

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