Bill Ford: The future is ‘smart cars’

“Smart” is the new “stupid.”

Smart meters are the technology gateway to electricity rationing. Smart growth is the zoning gateway to global governance. Now Ford Motor Chairman Bill Ford wants to bring rationing technology to you car.

The Associated Press reports:

His family made its fortune selling cars to the masses, but now Bill Ford Jr. is fretting about selling too many.

The great-grandson of Ford Motor Co. founder Henry Ford has been thinking ahead to a time when there will be too much traffic in the world’s major cities. Already there is congestion that only will get worse as the world population grows by another 2 billion people to 9 billion in 40 years.

Now he’s sounding the alarm in public. On Monday he’ll tell a mobile electronic device conference in Barcelona, Spain, that the industry should join with automakers and governments to develop technology that would solve the looming congestion problem. He doesn’t know the ultimate solution, but he sees a day when cars communicate with each other and with roads, traffic lights and public transportation to move people and traffic safely…[Emphasis added]

Just what we want, the government coordinating our driving.

One thought on “Bill Ford: The future is ‘smart cars’”

  1. Don’t know what he is saying without knowing what can be done. With GPS and traffic monitoring we could set up a system that will give you the optimum way to travel from one point to another. Traffic lights could be made to operate in a manner to have maximum traffic flow. Possible to minimize fuel consumption. We are still using 1950s traffic control in Atlanta 60 years later.

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