Baise: This Lawsuit is For the Birds

Environmental super-lawyer Gary Baise writes about Obama administration abuse of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to prosecute oil companies.

Baise writes at Farm Futures:

North Dakota’s U.S. Attorney, Tim Purdon, must have too much time on his hands. Purdon’s office was responsible for bringing a criminal action in 2011 against several oil companies for unlawfully killing a few mallard ducks because the birds apparently landed on small ponds next to drilling operations in North Dakota’s Bakken field, ingested oil and died.

The U.S. Attorney charged seven oil and gas companies with violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act “MBTA). One defendant was charged with “taking” four migratory birds on property that was “adjacent” to one of the oil pits. Another defendant was charged with “taking” one migratory bird. The logic used in this complaint can be used against any farmer in the country if a migratory bird was found near a farm field where pesticides may have puddled…

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One thought on “Baise: This Lawsuit is For the Birds”

  1. I hope everyone in North Dakota (great state, my Dad was a native) votes against Obama and his radical ilk. They’re behind this. They clearly need a change in US attorney.

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