Anti-fracking filmmaker handcuffed, removed from House hearing

“Subcommittee chairman Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) noted that the hearing is being webcast and that anyone filming the hearing would need the appropriate press credentials.”

Politico reports,

Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Josh Fox was led away in handcuffs from a House Science Committee hearing Wednesday morning after refusing to pack up his camera.

Fox was led out by Capitol Police shortly after 10 a.m., before the hearing could be gaveled into order. The “Gasland” director was attempting to film the hearing, which will focus on EPA’s investigation of potential natural gas contamination in Pavillion, Wyo.

“I’m within my First Amendment rights, and I’m being taken out,” Fox shouted as he was led away.

Fox is working on a sequel to his Oscar-nominated “Gasland.”

Committee staffers said Capitol Police were “sorting things out” with Fox but would not confirm that he had been arrested…

One thought on “Anti-fracking filmmaker handcuffed, removed from House hearing”

  1. When Phelim McAleer asked Al Gore the infamous question about An Inconvenient Truth at a Society of Environmental Journalists event, Phelim had properly acquired a press pass. But his microphone feed was cut off by the SEJ folks.

    TEA-party activist pay for and receive permits to demonstrate. Occupy People do not. But the mainstream media implies that the TEA-party folks are racist nuts, thus not worth listening to.

    CFACT had proper permission to assemble at the climate talks in Durban a couple of months ago. Greenpeace staged an unpermitted protest and got thrown out. Yet Greenpeace’s 15 year+ advice to the public is “Don’t listen to the skeptic scientists”, and the mainstream media has done just that.

    Seems to be a ‘selective free speech’ pattern here….. Our friend Josh Fox would have been fully allowed to do what he wanted to do if he had simply followed the rules. Meanwhile, Anthony Watts showed Josh’s attempts to censor a YouTube video pointing out the faults of Gasland – see: “The Gasland movie: a fracking shame – director pulls video to hide inconvenient truths”

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